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Hey there!! Sorry for taking a LOOONG break... gg... I was... lazy (? And also a liitle bit busy, so, yeah... I wanted to do the princess' dream 2... but I didn't know how to continue ;w;... and then, I had the great idea of making another story xd.

So, I tried to make the over - used story about the not pretty girl... and transform it into another kind of story (? well, not completely bcuz I used A LOT of over - used things, like the popular girl and the handsome boi. ANYWAY I hope ya'll like the story!

What apps did I use?

● Powedirector




That's all xd

Also!! Sorry for the bad resolution!!

My tablet hasn't much space... but I wanted to do a longer video than the last one... so... :v

Oh!! Before you go... vote for the ending!!

Option 1: Ethan's ending!

Option 2: Shawn's ending!

I don't own any of the music

If you want to know their names, tell me in your comment! :D

(I'll try to answer, the truth is... I don't know their names too x,D)

Bai bbs!! :3

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