Canadian girl gets harassed in Pakistan?! Here’s the truth.

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UPDATE: Police have contacted me to pursue this matter.

This story got picked up by some news agencies and unfortunately received a lot of backlash and misrepresentation. I have always been very open about my experiences, whether it be good or bad because, hey thats life! Sh*t happens!

I live in and love Pakistan and speaking up about an issue is not the equivalent of trying to tarnish the image of a nation, so for people to try to use my experience as a means for their agenda to tarnish the image of Pakistan is quite frustrating and appalling!

Where was media when I was showing the beauty of Pakistan culture?

Where was media when I was speaking up about the issues I have had with elite and government corruption?

And I am not here to speak FOR the Pakistani women, I acknowledge my privilege of having had my story become viral, and hope that my story can inspire women to keep speaking up and my message to those women in Pakistan who have had their cases go unreported, know that I stand with them in solidarity and I will not let any man abuse us into silence.

And for those apologizing on behalf on Pakistan, DONT! I would never paint an entire nation based on the action of 1 person, but thank you for your support.

I am thankful for the support of the many Pakistani men who have been supporting us women, but its such a shame that media has completely twisted the story and made it into a gossip tabloid, rather than tackle the issue of women not being taken seriously.



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